1990s Video

These are are the shows I currently have from the 1990s. They are separated by date. After you click on a date, near the bottom of the page is a “Download” link. That link will take you to the Amazon Drive folder containing the files. From there you can download the files individually or download the entire folder as a .zip

1990/02/01Providence, RIAud-ShotDownload
1990/09/12Auburn Hills, MIAud-ShotDownload
1990/10/12New York, NYPro-ShotDownload
1990/10/12New York, NYPro-ShotDownload
1991/11/23-24Oakland, CAPro-ShotDownload
1993/03/12Essen, GermanyAud-ShotDownload
1994/10/02Mountain View, CAPro-ShotDownload
1994/10/02Mountain View, CAPro-ShotDownload
1994-1996VariousPro-ShotTV AppearancesDownload
1994/11/19New York, NYPro-ShotDownload
1995/03/08Chicago, ILPro-ShotDownload
1996/xx/xxVariousPro-ShotShe’s The OneDownload
1999/03/15-16San Francisco, CAPro-Shot720p HDTVDownload
1999/03/31Burbank, CAPro-ShotDownload
1999/03/31Burbank, CAPro-ShotSource #2Download
1999/03/31Burbank, CAPro-ShotSource #3Download
1999/04/10New York, NYPro-ShotDownload
1999/04/23Hamburg, GermanyPro-ShotDVDDownload
1999/04/23Hamburg, GermanyPro-Shot720p HDTVDownload
1999/04/23UKPro-ShotJools HollandDownload
1999/08/03Minneapolis, MNPro-ShotDownload