The Bootleg Series

  • I love the Bob Dylan bootleg series. It’s a great concept. So I decided to create one myself of all my Petty material. It consists mainly of tracks that were rarely played live, or played very few times. I throw in a few hits just to balance it out. Some tracks are AUDs and some are SBDs/ FM.
  • I have gone through many iterations through the years, but the ones on this site are the final ones, barring any new shows that surface.
  • I have never and will never charge anyone for any of this. If you paid for these from another site, you got ripped off. If you’re going to pay for it, buy the officially released material. is a good place to start. 
  • Don’t support any of the sites out there that sell unofficial material. 

I have broken up the bootleg series into 5 sets. They are as follows:

Volumes 1-3: (Live 1976-1981)
Volumes 4-8: (Live 1982-1993)
Volumes 9-11: (Live 1994-2000)
Volumes 12-15: (Live 2001-2015)
Volume 16: (Live 2017)

I also have worked on a Bootleg Series for Mudcrutch, but haven’t done much work on it for a couple of years. I will get around to it once I get everything else on this site done.  

But it will consist of three volumes, one for the early 70s, one for the 2008 reunion and one of the 2016 shows.