• I have no intention of profiting off this site. just enough to pay the domain, website builder, hosting, and file hosting fees. The fees are as follows:
  • File hosting: Amazon Drive 2TB, $49/ year
  • Website domain, website builder and hosting: $8/ month ($96/ year) + 18$/ year for the domain name
  • I have paid for the first year of fees myself, which will expire September 21, 2019. I will not pay for any of the fees beyond this first year. So if no one contributes to the fees, this site will go away. 
  • I will post when enough contributions have been received to cover the fees so everyone is aware that we are good to go for another year. 
  • $105 has been donated so far. The total to keep the site up for the year is $163(($96 for WordPress hosting + $18 for the domain name + $49 for Amazon Drive).


Donate to help cover the $96/year cost for WordPress hosting & domain name.



Donate to help cover the $49/year cost for Amazon Drive File Hosting.