I’m not here to profit off this site, just enough to pay the domain, website builder, hosting, and file hosting fees. The fees are as following 

  • File hosting= Amazon Drive 2TB, $49/ year
  • Website domain, website builder and hosting= $8/ month ($96/ year) 
  • Most of the shows are audience recorded shows. A few are soundboards/FM. But nothing is officially released material. If you find something that has been officially released, contact me and I will take it down. I have no intention of posting copyrighted material and definitely no intention of profiting off any of this. 
  • So if you have any new shows or even upgrades to ones that I already have, please contact me and I will post them to my site so everyone can enjoy them. 
  • I have experience properly converting cassette tapes, VHS tapes, Vinyl, and LaserDiscs, so if you have something Petty related that would belong on this site, contact me and we can work something out so it can be enjoyed by everyone.
  • I have paid for the first years fees myself, which will expire September 21, 2019. I will not pay for any of the fees beyond this first year. So if no one contributes to the fees, this site will go away. 
  • I will post when enough contributions have been received to cover the fees so everyone is aware that we are good to go for another year. 

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Donate to help cover the $49/year cost for Amazon Drive File Hosting.