1994/10/02 Mountian View, CA PRO DVD

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Bridge School Benefit 8
October 2, 1994
Shoreline Amphitheatre
Mountain View, California, USA

2nd gen. SVHS tape transfer – No released material. Decent quailty Pro-shot video with soundboard audio.

00:00:00 13 Days
00:03:17 I Won’t Back Down
00:06:45 Girl On LSD
00:10:23 King’s Highway
00:13:37 Mary Jane’s Last Dance
00:19:11 Learning To Fly
00:23:47 You Don’t Know How It Feels
00:27:41 Time To Move On
00:31:40 Runnin’ Down A Dream
00:35:56 encore break
00:36:11 Free Fallin’
00:41:05 end

Transfer: Sony WV-DR7 > Sony DVMC-DA2 Media Converter > Apple Macintosh Final Cut Pro (minor “nip and tuck” edits, filter to replace bottom of screen “head switch jitter” with black and chaptering) > Compressor > DVD Studio Pro (menu and authoring) > VIDEO_TS file set.

Audio post capture processing in Pro Tools (minor “nip and tuck” edits, DC offset, normalization – no EQ or DNR). Audio placed back into Final Cut Pro before Compressor down-sampling.

Video: NTSC 720×480 VBR 7.7 Mbps peak, 6.2 Mbps average data rate, 2-pass.
Audio: choice of AC3/Dolby Digital 2/0 (L,R), 48 kHz sample rate, 448 kbps data rate
Linear PCM 2 channel 48kHz 16 bit (monophonic audio).

Enjoy and SHARE!


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