1981 Shows

The table below has all the shows I currently have from 1981. They are separated by date. The “Download” link in the table will give you detailed information on that show. Near the bottom of that page is a “Download” link that will take you to the Google Drive folder containing the files. From there you can download the files individually or download the entire folder as a .zip

1981/06/17Rosemont, ILAUD/FLACDownload
1981/06/18Detroit, MIAUD/FLACDownload
1981/06/18Detroit, MIAUD/FLACSource #2Download
1981/06/30Inglewood, CAAUD/FLACDownload
1981/07/05Seattle, WAAUD/FLACDownload
1981/08/03Bethlehem, PAAUD/MP3Download
1981/08/07Boston, MAAUD/FLACStevie NicksDownload
1981/09/06Sacramento, CAAUD/FLACStevie NicksDownload
1981/09/19Irvine, CAAUD/FLACStevie NicksDownload
1981/09/19Irvine, CAAUD/FLACSource #2, Stevie NicksDownload
1981/10/02Lakeland, FLAUD/FLACDownload
1981/10/06St. Petersburg, FLAUD/FLACDownload
1981/10/08Gainesville, FLAUD/FLACMissing last 4 tracksDownload
1981/xx/xxUnknownSTU/FLAC“Hard Promises” DemosDownload