1981/08/03 Bethleman, PA AUD

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
Tom Petty: Vocals, Guitar
Mike Campbell: Lead Guitar
Benmont Tench: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Ron Blair: Bass
Stan Lynch: Drums, Backing Vocals 
Phil Jones: Percussion

Stabler Arena
Lehigh University
Bethlehem, Pa. Usa
August 3, 1981
Promoting Their Album “Hard Promises”
Master Audience Tape
Runtime: 118:24 (Minutes/ Seconds)

1: Tuning, Intro, American Girl 5:32
2: Listen To Her Heart 3:29
3: A Thing About You 6:22
4: Here Comes My Girl 6:13
5: The Waiting 4:36
6: I Need To Know 2:37
7: ? 2:21
8: Don’t Do Me Like That 3:14
9: Even The Losers 5;00
10: Don’t Bring Me Down 4:34
11: A Woman In Love 7:14
12: Nightwatchman 5:20 (End Applause Spliced, Tape Flip)
13: Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around 4:36
14: King’s Road 7:03
15: Breakdown 8:38
16: Refugee 7:26 (And Encore Applause)
17: Shout 13:21 (And Encore Applause)
18: Good Lovin 3:09
19: Complex Kid 8:36 (And Encore Applause)
20: Century City 4:31
21: Anything That’s Rock And Roll 4:26 (Cuts A Few Times) 

Recorded By Luvsufo A/K/A Bob T
Digitized By Glasnostrd19 June 2016

Audience Recording With Auto Levelling Ge Recorder And Ext. Ge Mike >
Maxell Ud 120 And Ln 60 Min. Master Tapes (Normal Bias) >
Played On Tascam 112 Into Soundforge (Wav) > 
Flac (Sb’s Aligned) > MP3 > Torrentially Yours.
A This And That Production.
Do Not Sell This Recording.
A Very Good Performance
Great Version Of Woman In Love


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