2016 Shows

The table below has all the shows I currently have from the 2016 tour. They are separated by date. The “Download” link in the table will give you detailed information on that show. Near the bottom of that page is a “Download” link that will take you to the Google Drive folder containing the files. From there you can download the files individually or download the entire folder as a .zip folder.  

2016/05/26Denver, COAUD/FLACDownload
2016/05/28Chicago, ILAUD/FLACDownload
2016/05/31Nashville, TNAUD/FLACDownload
2016/06/06Washington, DCAUD/FLACDownload
2016/06/07Philadelphia, PAAUD/FLACDownload
2016/06/07Philadelphia, PAAUD/FLACSource #2Download
2016/06/10New York, NYAUD/FLACDownload
2016/06/19San Francisco, CAAUD/FLACDownload
2016/06/20San Francisco, CAAUD/FLACDownload
2016/06/25Hollywood, CAAUD/FLACDownload
2016/06/26Hollywood, CAAUD/FLACDownload
2016/06/28Santa Ana, CAAUD/FLACDownload
2016/06/xxPhiladelphia, PASBD/MP3NPR World CafeDownload