2016/06/25 Hollywood, CA AUD

Fonda Theater
Los Angeles, CA
2016 6-25

Audience Tape: A-
Mikes: Schoeps mk4 > Actives > NBox Platinum>
Recorder: Sony M-10
Transfer: Goldwave (Volume Boost, Compression > Dither to 16b) > Media Monkey (Flac Transfer L8)
Location: Dead Center FOB
Recorded by Scooter123

Set List:

  1. Shady Grove
  2. Orphan of the Storm
  3. Six Days on the Road
  4. Scare Easy
  5. Trailer
  6. This Is a Good Street
  7. Lover of the Bayou
  8. Band Introductions
  9. Beautiful World
  10. Dreams of Flying
  11. Save Your Water
  12. Banter
  13. Hungry No More
  14. Banter
  15. I Forgive It All
  16. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
  17. Banter
  18. The Other Side of the Mountain
  19. Hope
  20. Welcome to Hell
  21. Victim of Circumstance
  22. Bootleg Flyer
  23. The Wrong Thing to Do
  24. Crystal River

TT: 1:59

Tapers Notes:

I never heard of Mudcrutch. I must say that watching this band, I came to the realization
that Mike Campbell may be one of the top ten living guitarists. The crowd was not cooperative
so this recording is slightly downgraded from the usual Schoeps perfection.


Tom Petty, Bass, Vocals
Mike Campbell, Lead Guitar
Tom Leadon, Rhythm Guitar, Backing & Lead vocals
Randall Marsh, Drums
Herb Pederson, Guitar and Banjo
Benmont Tench, Keyboards and Vocals

The true thanks go not to me, but to the taping community behind whose footsteps
I have followed, including those who have perfected the art of stealth recordings,
the makers of the stealthy mikes, cords, adapters, and preamps, and those who
have graciously shared their recording techniques.

I am merely a mike stand with a credit card and driver’s license.

As always, I don’t care what you do with these files, once you download
them–they are yours now, except these files are not for sale, free
trade only. You can thank me by uploading something of a similar genre
or trading with me, so I can.



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