2016/05/28 Chicago, IL AUD

Riviera Theater
Chicago, Illinois
May 28, 2016

Source: DPA 4060 => Tascam DR-2D
Lineage: 24-bit WAV files => Magix Audio Cleaning Lab => FLAC (level 8)

Track listing:

Disc one (55:47):
(1) Band entrance (1:02)
(2) Shady Grove (5:01)
(3) Orphan of the Storm (4:12)
(4) TP banter (0:52)
(5) Six Days on the Road (4:01)
(6) Scare Easy (4:57)
(7) TP banter (0:43)
(8) Trailer (3:24)
(9) TP banter (0:32)
(10) This Is A Good Street (2:24)
(11) Lover of the Bayou (5:09)
(12) TP banter (2:59)
(13) Beautiful World (3:24)
(14) Banter (1:06)
(15) Dreams of Flying (4:27)
(16) Banter (1:25)
(17) Save Your Water (3:47)
(18) Hungry No More (6:13)

Disc two (63:28):
(1) Banter (0:55)
(2) I Forgive It All (5:12)
(3) House Of Stone (4:08)
(4) TP banter (0:44)
(5) The Other Side Of The Mountain (7:25)
(6) TP banter (1:19)
(7) Hope (3:39)
(8) Welcome To Hell (3:54)
(9) Crystal River (8:53)
(10) Victim of Circumstance (3:17)
(11) The Wrong Thing To Do (5:07)
(12) Bootleg Flyer (3:50)
(13) Encore break (3:59)
(14) Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (5:35)
(15) High School Confidential (2:53)
(16) Good night (2:31)

Md5 signature file is included. Sorry, no artwork (feel free to make some)


Note: This is a 24/44.1 file set, which for most CD burning programs will require downsampling before it can be burned to CD. A 16-bit, CD-friendly version will be posted separately. The recording is seamless; the disc breaks above are merely a suggestion.

I went into this concert with absolutely zero expectations; I hadn’t heard anything by Mudcrutch yet, and from the setlists I’d seen online, it appeared there were no Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers songs in the setlist – I was expecting a novelty at best.

These guys killed it. I haven’t seen a show this good in a couple of years – the band was tight, inspired, and masterful; the songwriting was good … and amazingly, Tom Petty played bass in his own band. Phenomenal show. I haven’t yet gone back and listened to their commercial releases, but I’m expecting to be pleasantly surprised.

A friend and I got to the Riv about 90 minutes before showtime to stake out balcony seats — I took the night off from taping. Talltaper arrived during the opening set and was pleased that he’d run into a security guard he knew from an event they’d both worked at; the guard texted him moments before Mudcrutch’s set to let him know there were three seats waiting for us in the reserved section. We ended up in the 5th row of the balcony with few people around us, and the sound was surprisingly good. On this recording, there are a few whoops and hollers from nearby audience members, but nothing too debilitating; the sound from the PA is actually quite good in this venue if you can get in the front of the balcony. I applied some light EQ to the recording to boost the vocals, but it didn’t need much help.

Thanks to Talltaper for giving the green light for this to go on Dime.


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