Stay Safe!

  • The following shows have been added:
    • 1981/09/19 Irvine, CA AUD source #2
    • 1985/09/22 Champaign, IL PRO DVD source #2
    • 1986/07/13 Saratoga Springs, NY SBD source #2
    • 1990/03/03 Costa Mesa, CA AUD
    • 2001/07/18 Bonner Springs, KS AUD
    • 2002/12/14 Boston, MA AUD
    • 2003/07/03 Rapid City, SD AUD
    • 2012/05/31 Halifax NS AUD source #2

Also for those of you reading this, I have some bonus material not linked anywhere else on the site. Enjoy & stay safe!

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