Happy Holidays

  • FLAC audio and DVD video of the final show 9/25/17
  • 1974 Mudcrutch “Wild Eyes” LP added
  • 2 sources of the 12/12/76 show added
  • 1 1980 show added
  • 1 1981 shows added
  • 1 1983 show added
  • 2 1985 shows added
  • 6 1986 shows added
  • 3 1987 shows added
  • 1 2005 show added
  • 6/23/99 upgraded from MP3 to FLAC
  • 9/10/91 upgraded from MP3 to FLAC
  • Possible Ron Blair? vinyl single added
  • Site wide search bar has been added
  • New category “Liberated Bootlegs” added. These are rips of the unofficial bootleg shows circulating. No one should have to pay for unofficial bootleg material.
  • If anyone has or knows where to find a clean video copy of the 8/3/99 pro-shot show, I would love a copy to post on here. Currently I only have a youtube rip of it, which is low quality. A VHS or DVD would be great and i’m sure everyone would enjoy it.
  • Happy Holidays!

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