Rare and Unreleased

Tom petty & The Heartbreakers

Rare & Unreleased

This is a collection I started years ago and have made changes to over the years. Someone asked me about some of these rare cuts and I generally don’t post this kind of material. But maybe in these times they can make someone happy.

There will not be any posts on this site that link to this collection other that this blog post, so to those of you reading this, Enjoy!

As for the tracks themselves, for the most part if they are then I found them on the web or someone sent them to me. If they are I found/purchased them myself and converted them, such as the 2 “Make It Better” tracks, I converted them from vinyl myself.

I have seen some assholes trying to sell older versions of this collection I made on their bootleg sites, DO NOT support them and buy it. It will always be free on this site from me.

1-01 Don’t Treat Me Like A Stranger (Full Moon Fever B Side)
1-03 It’s Good To Be King (Alternate Version)
1-03 Only A Broken Heart (Acoustic Version) [B Side To You Wreck Me]
1-05 Cabin Down Below (Acoustic Version) [B Side To You Wreck Me]
1-06 Girl On LSD (B Side To You Don’t Know How It Feels)
1-07 You Don’t Know How It Feels (Radio Edit Version)
1-08 I Just Want To Make Love To You (Live Version)
1-09 Sweet William (Studio Version) [B Side To Room At The Top]
1-10 Swingin’ (Radio Edit)
1-11 Afraid To Lose (Early Demo)
1-12 Mystery Of Love (Unreleased Mojo Outtake)
1-13 Take Out Some Insurance (Live) [Mary Jane’s Last Dance 2CD Single]
2-01 California (Live)
2-02 Spike (Live)
2-03 The Dumbass Song
2-04 The Iguana Song
2-05 I Don’t Belong
2-06 Worried Guy
2-07 Wild Thing
2-08 Make It Better (Forget About Me) [Dance Mix]
2-09 Make It Better (Forget About Me) [Instrumental]
2-10 Peace In L.A. (Origional Version)
2-11 Peace In L.A. (Peace Mix)
2-12 So Sad (Takes 1 & 3)
2-13 Wild Eyes




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