Stay Safe #2

  • The following shows have been added:
    • 1980/07/05 New York, NY AUD source #2
    • 1980/07/06 New York, NY AUD
    • 1981/10/06 St. Petersburg, FL AUD
    • 1982/12/12 London, UK FM source #2
    • 1986/02/21 Melbourne AUD
    • 1986/03/01 Brisbane AUD
    • 1986/06/13 Berkeley, CA AUD full show
    • 1986/07/13 Saratoga Springs, NY SBD source #3
    • 1995/08/27 Cuyahoga Falls, OH AUD
    • 2014/09/06 Arrington, VA Pro-shot Webcast
    • 2017/05/10 Champaign, IL AUD source #2
  • New sources of the “Dogs With Wings” and “MTV Rockumentary” documentaries without the TV logos should get posted in the next update.
  • Several shows now have artwork posted, thanks to “ethiessen1” for sending them to me.
  • Several new audience shot video has been posted, ripped from youtube. Let me know if you like these, otherwise this will be the last youtube rips I post.
  • I have officially shut down my old site “Bootleg Kingdom”. It has been dead for a few years but I still get people asking for re-ups. Rather than delete entirely it I decided to redirect all traffic from that site to this one. This should help people asking for Petty related re-uploads on that site.
  • Also, funding for the site has been reached for this year. All contributions from here on out will count for next years costs.

Enjoy & stay safe!

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