2010s Video

These are are the shows I currently have from the 2010s. They are separated by date. After you click on a date, near the bottom of the page is a “Download” link. That link will take you to the Google Drive folder containing the files. From there you can download the files individually or download the entire folder as a .zip

2010/05/15New York, NYPro-ShotSDDownload
2010/05/15New York, NYPro-Shot720p HDTVDownload
2010/xx/xxVariousPro-ShotMojo TourDownload
2012/04/28New Orleans, LAPro-ShotDownload
2012/06/22Newport, EnglandPro-Shot720p HDTVDownload
2012/06/22Newport, EnglandPro-Shot720p HDTV source #2Download
2012/06/22Newport, EnglandPro-Shot1080p HDTVDownload
2012/06/29Lucca, ItalyAud-ShotDownload
2012/xx/xxPro-Shottompetty.com web seriesDownload
2013/06/16Manchester, TNPro-ShotIncomplete WebcastDownload
2013/06/16Manchester, TNAud-ShotDownload
2014/07/31Los Angeles, CAPro-Shot720p HDTVDownload
2014/08/30Boston, MAPro-Shot720p HDTVDownload
2014/08/30Boston, MAPro-Shot1080p HDTVDownload
2014/08/31Portland, MEAud-ShotDownload
2014/09/06Arrington, VAPro-ShotPartial WebcastDownload
2014/09/06Arrington, VAPro-ShotComplete WebcastDownload
2017/04/27Atlanta, GAAud-ShotDownload
2017/07/09London, EnglandPro-ShotDownload
2017/07/09London, EnglandPro-Shot1080p HDTVDownload
2017/09/25Hollywood, CAAud-ShotFinal ShowDownload