Mike Campbell- The Guitars

Mike Campbell
“The Guitars”
Web TV Series


I’ve been holding off on posting this for a while, but as it’s no longer available on the fan club site, here it is. Several of them have also made their way to YouTube.

They are all 720p and directed by Justin Kreutzmann.
15 episodes roughly 5 minutes each.

episode 1 – Intro Treasured Gifts That Keep Giving
episode 2 – A Sound Is Born On The 1964 Fender Stratocaster
episode 3 – The Irreplaceable Fender Broadcaster Part 1
episode 4 – The Irreplaceable Fender Broadcaster Part 2
episode 5 – Thicker and Dirtier The Gibson Goldtop
episode 6 – Chime of Freedom The Rickenbacker Sound Part 1
episode 7 – Chimes of Freedom The Rickenacker Sound Part 2
episode 8 – In Between Bright and Heavy That Gretsch Tone
episode 9 – A Whole Studio On Your Guitar Vox
episode 10 – Biting Clear and Loud The Gibson Les Paul Jr and SG
episode 11 – Begging To Be Played – The 1959 Gibson Les Paul
episode 12 – The Surf Sound of The Fender Jaguar The Mike Campbell Duesenberg and the Super Bowl
episode 13 – Handle With Care (Another) Invaluable 1964 Fender Stratocaster
episode 14 – The Homestead and Studio
episode 15 – Assorted Specialties and Conclusion




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