Hey folks!

  • URL migration is 99% complete. They are more uniform and make more sense now. If you bookmarked a page, it will likely need to be updated to the new URLs.
  • The folder names on Amazon Drive may not match the exact source number, but it is the correct show. This will be fixed soon.
  • 2006/06/10 Bristow, VA AUD upgraded from MP3 to FLAC
  • 2010/10/07 Phoenix, AZ AUD upgraded from MP3 to FLAC
  • 1979/09/22 New York, NY AUD has been fixed and re-added
  • 2005/06/24 Hartford, CT AUD added
  • Several other issues with shows and the site in general have been fixed. Thanks for the feedback/comments!
  • I’ve started working on an update to “The Bootleg Series”, as a lot of new material has surfaced in the last 3 years.
  • Some other things in progress that may or may not see the light of day (based on your feedback/comments):
    • Video “Bootleg Series”. Thanks to Don for this idea.
    • Page with links to similar websites/fansites/forums.
    • Page with links to software than can be used to play files from this site and burn to CD/DVD.
    • New site design, logo, color scheme…. I prefer to keep it simple, but I think some small changes are necessary.
    • New home page, simper about page

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