• All shows should now be properly labeled as FLAC, MP3 or FM.
  • Added 1982/12/03 Nogent-sur-Marne, France AUD
  • Added “A Woman In Love” on Tom Snyder 7/16/81
  • Several new “Liberated Bootlegs” added
  • 1997/01/31 San Francisco, CA AUD upgraded from MP3 to FLAC
  • 2002/11/21 Austin, TX AUD upgraded from MP3 to FLAC
  • 2010/07/31 Philadelphia, PA AUD upgraded from MP3 to FLAC
  • Upgrades to the 79, 83, 91, 96 and 99 SNL performances. Big Thanks to Alvaro
  • Added 2010 SNL performances. They are only SD quality. If anyone has an HD version, please send me an email!

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  1. All cool. I sent you email with link to some new shows I got, and a group of shows we have that I checked all files, tagged and verified checksums. I figure every little bit helps. We need more cover art! Got some DVDs too on the way, Thanks for all you do for the Pettyuniverse, which will live forever!


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