1986/xx/xx “Southern Accents” Documentary

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

“Southern Accents” documentary 1986

This is ripped from Vimeo.

From the uploader:

This is a half-hour documentary special I produced and directed for MTV in 1986.
Tom Petty’s hand had finally healed (after he’d broken it in a fit of frustrated pique caused by his inability to complete the long-gestating “Southern Accents” album) and the band was anxious to play. We captured the Heartbreaker’s very first live show in years – an impromptu concert on the roof of the Don Ce Sar hotel in St. Petersburg (a rather obvious tribute to the Beatles’ “Let It Be”).
But first — we journeyed to Tom’s hometown of Gainesville, FL and retraced the band’s early days. Charles M. Young of Rolling Stone conducted a far-reaching interview with Tom, and for good measure we visited the set of one of the new “Alice In Wonderland” – themed music videos produced for the record’s release.
The show became the template for the later “Rockumentary” series, and features some guest-editing by Steven Soderbergh!




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