1981/07/16 Tomorrow Coast to Coast “A Woman In Love”

July 16, 1981
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
Tomorrow Coast to Coast

Just after Bruce Springsteen released “The River” in Oct 1980, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers came out with “Hard Promises”. My favorite song on the album, and perhaps of all Tom Petty’s great catalog, was “A Woman In Love”, featuring his lead guitar player and songwriting partner, Mike Campbell. Turns out these two were not done working on the song, because this version, performed in Tom Snyder’s TV studio, is different and better than the official video and album track. It’s just what Bruce would do if it was his song.

I dumped my DVD track in favor of a better video circulating on youtube. My contribution is always the sound, which is as perfect as I can do, without buzzing, hissing, and suitable for “turning the mother up as far as she can go”. The heartbroken man in the song is played by Mike Campbell’s guitar, his emotions come pouring out at the end of the song. Benmont Tench is a great keyboard player, too. Hope you enjoy.

You can download or play it on the internet if you are lazy. I advise full screen cranked up all the way.


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