George Harrison & The Traveling Wilburys: At Home and On MTV DVD

George Harrison
and The Traveling Wilburys
At Home and On MTV

110 minutes


My VHS (unless noted)->CreativeLabsAudigy2VideoEditor->TMPGEnc DVD Author->You!
The items marked * were sourced from individual torrents that had been on the JPGR site (R.I.P.).
Kudos to the original uploaders.
The MTV Interview has a video glitch that runs the duration of the piece. The sound is fine.

Traveling Wilburys at home* (35 minutes)
Carl Perkins Rockabilly Sessions* (30 minutes)
Countdown 1988* (15 minutes)
News at 6 1979 (b&w)
Traveling Wilburys MTV Interview (25 minutes – uncut footage)

If you are concerned about video quality, please do not download this.

I make no claim to offer superior quality over anyone else’s copy of this. I made this DVD for my own personal use. I offer to share it, at no cost, with nothing asked in return, except to keep this text file with the torrent (and that people continue sharing rare video freely on the Internet).


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