2014/09/15 Philadelphia, PA AUD

Hypnotic Eye Tour 2014-09-15 Philadelphia Wells Fargo Center
Level Section Row†† Seat(s)†††

FLOOR 2†††††† 14††† 14-12††††

Recorded on iPhone 5 by nivekissor using NCH Record Pad at 44100Hz 16bits and the wav mono file was transferred using NCH WavePad Sound Editor which also was used to mirror a stereo capture, reduce the sound a tad, and do the splits. It was then flac encoded using TLH after aligning SBEs.

Touring with Steve Winwood, this was the show that finally brought Steve on stage with Tom and the Heartbreakers instead of just opening for them. It was just amazing.

ìOne of our all time heroesÖ,î Tom said. ìÖ.Mr. Steve Winwood!î

The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote: ìTake as long as you want with it, really. Weíll just hang back. Whenever youíre ready to sing, just step up to the mike.î Tom nodded at Steve Winwood as Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench started the melody to ìCanít Find My Way Home,î the Blind Faith classic penned by Winwood. Talk of onstage collaboration has been percolating all tour, but the rubber finally hit the road in the City of Brotherly Love. Rehearsals went well, and just after ìU Get Me High,î Tom brought out their legendary tourmate.

I held on to this show as I figured a recording would come from one of the other Philly faithful tapers using something better than an iPhone, but with Tomís passing I dusted it off and listed to it today. IMHO itís not a bad capture and I enjoyed it warts and all (clipping here and there and some loud claps). There is also a guy that sounds like a hound dog between songs sounds. Itís more amusing than annoying and it is only between songs.

Tom ends the show withî God bless ya! Good night! Well, God bless you Mr. Petty. Thanks for all the music that was the soundtrack to my life. I hope you enjoy this. -Kevin


  1. So You Want To Be A Rock ën Roll Star (The Byrds cover)
  2. Mary Jane’s Last Dance
  3. Tom Talks
  4. American Dream Plan B
  5. Tom Talks
  6. Into The Great Wide Open
  7. Forgotten Man
  8. I Won’t Back Down
  9. Free Fallin’
  10. Tom Talks ñ Heartbreakers Introductions
  11. A Woman in Love (Itís Not Me)
  12. U Get Me High
  13. Tom introduces Steve Winwood
  14. Canít Find My Way Home w/ Steve Winwood (vocals, guitar)
  15. Gimme Some Loviní w/ Steve Winwood (vocals, organ)
  16. Yer So Bad
  17. Learning to Fly
  18. Shadow People
  19. I Should Have Known It
  20. Refugee
  21. Runnin’ Down A Dream


  1. Donít Come Around Here No More
  2. You Wreck Me
  3. American Girl


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