2014/08/07 Eugene, OR AUD

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Matthew Knight Arena
Eugene, Or.

01.So You Want to Be a Rock íní Roll Star
02.Mary Janeís Last Dance
03.American Dream Plan B
04.Great Wide Open
05.Forgotten Man
06.Wonít Back Down
07.Free Falliní
09.Tweeter and the Monkey Man
10.U Get Me High
12.Dogs on the Run##
13.I Got a Woman by Ray Charles
14.Learning To Fly
15.Shadow People
16.I Should Have Known It
18.Runniní Down a Dream
19.You Wreck Me
20.American Girl

=First Time Played!!

‘Dogs On The Run’ a Mike Campbell Song.


Source: Dennis’ Audience recording>AudioReality Stealth condenser mics>Battery Box>Sony PCM-M10 “WAV” (16 bit 44.1khz)master > FLAC > Traders little helper > DIME > You = ENJOY.


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