2012/05/01 Estero, FL AUD

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Germain Arena
Estero, FL
May 01, 2012


SOURCE: dpa 4061 > coresound batt box > edirol r09 (24/48)
PROCESSING: soundforge 9.0 (tracking, fades, resample, dither) > traders little helper > flac level 8
Taped, Processed, Upped by Kubacheck

d1t01 Intro
d1t02 Listen To Her Heart
d1t03 You Wreck Me
d1t04 I Won’t Back Down
d1t05 Here Comes My Girl
d1t06 Handle With Care
d1t07 The Lovers Touch
d1t08 I’m A Man
d1t09 Something Big
d1t10 Have Love Will Travel
d1t11 Band Intros
d1t12 Free Fallin’
d1t13 Spike
d2t01 It’s Good To Be King
d2t02 Time To Move On
d2t03 Learnin’ To Fly
d2t04 Yer So Bad
d2t05 I Should Have Known It
d2t06 Good Enough
d2t07 Refugee
d2t08 Runnin’ Down A Dream


d2t09 Mary Jane’s Last Dance
d2t10 American Girl

Notes: good show by Tom and the boys….. a couple of things…. I was about 15 rows back
almost DFC, generally the sound was good where I was, but Toms vocals sometimes were rather
low in the mix for some reason, it was hard to hear him sometimes on the louder songs….
on the other hand, if you like Mike Campbell (and who doesn’t?), you might call this one
“Mike Campbell and the Heartbreakers”, Mike’s leads and solos come through nice and loud and clear….

as always:
please do not sell
please do trade freely


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