2010/09/10 Charlotte, NC AUD

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
The Amphitheatre at
Charlotte, NC [USA]
2010- September 19

Recorder: UNIVONC
Seat: Section 3 Row O (in front of Left Stack)


I think this was a really good capture.
Sincere thanks to Captain Cook from DIME for joining me.
It was also a pleasure to meet his first mate. (Lovely Lady)

ZZ Top still can rock the house.
However, for Tom Petty the crowd was really into the show and the samples will show.
Absolutely wonderful night of friends and music. 

Keep supporting the bands, through purchasing merchandise and music.
Please no remasters, and do not sell.

These recordings are for all to share and enjoy.
As usual, they are many people who have helped me along the way with recording 
and providing great show that I never could have seen earlier in my youth.

My gift to you all.


Core Sound Dual DPA 4061 merged into 3 pin XLR into
Mic2496 V2 Portable Mic Pre-amp/A-to-D Converter (coax out) 
M-Audio’s MicroTrack II Professional 2-Channel Mobile Digital Recorder
Core Sound High End Coaxial Cable (1′)
(into SPDIF)
ScanDisk Extreme III 32 GB compact Flashcard

Recorded in 96khz/24 bit 2 channel stereo
All editing done with Adobe Audition 3.0.1 (patch for Vista)
Dropped low end bass
WAV files converted to FLAC 6 via Traders Little Helper
Files torrented will be done thru traders little helper onto uTorrent.
Two torrents will be provided as a 96k/24 and the 44.1k/16

SETLIST (1:38:15)

01) Listen To Her Heart 
02) You Don’t Know How It Feels 
03) I Won’t Back Down 
04) Free Fallin’ 
05) Oh Well 
06) Mary Jane’s Last Dance 
07) King’s Highway 
08) Breakdown 
09) Introductions 
10) Jefferson Jericho Blues 
11) Good Enough 
12) Running Man’s Bible 
13) I Should Have Known It 
14) Learning To Fly 
15) Don’t Come Around Here No More 
16) Refugee 
17) crowd 


18) Runnin’ Down A Dream 
19) American Girl


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