2010/08/11 Atlanta, GA AUD

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
8/11/10 Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA

Source: Olympus LS-10 @ 48khz/24bit
Location: *DFC Rear SBD & **FOB ROC 10th Row Floor
Transfer: SD Card > Macbook Pro > Logic 9 (Mastered w/ Apogee Duet & Bose Monitor’s)

01) Listen To Her Heart*
02) You Don’t Know How It Feels*
03) I Won’t Back Down**
04) Free Fallin’**
05) Oh Well**
06) Mary Jane’s Last Dance**
07) Drivin’ Down To Georgia%**
08) /Breakdown*
09) Introductions*
10) Jefferson Jericho Blues*
11) Good Enough*
12) Running Man’s Bible*
13) I Should Have Known It*
Disc Two
01) Learning To Fly**
02) Don’t Come Around Here No More**
03) Refugee**
04) Crowd
05) Runnin’ Down A Dream**
06) Carol**
07) American Girl**


  • = Location dead center behind soundboard
    **= Location front of board right of center 10th row
    Trk02 A little static, location change
    Trk06 3 sec. cut before song, song not affected
    Trk07 3 sec. cut before song, static at beginning, cuts @ 1:08
    Trk08 cuts in near beginning of song, location change
    Trk12 3 sec. cut before song, song not affected
    Trk13 3 sec cut before song, song not affected, brief static at begining
    Trk14 Two tracks patched, first cuts @ 1m:25s, 3 sec gap %update – first track did not patch correctly.
    Trk20 apprx 8 sec. cut before song, restarted recorder, song not affected

Overall a very good audience recording with the Olympus LS-10 handheld digital recorder. Most errors due to frequent saving of files b/c the batteries were low, and microphone movement/location change.
Converting of files other than personal use could degrade someone’s copy who gets this after you.
Jefferson Jericho Blues, Good Enough, Running Man’s Bible, and I Should Have Known It are off the new album “Mojo”.
Crosby, Stills, & Nash opened.


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