2008/05/30 Grand Rapids, MI AUD

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers 
May 30, 2008 
Van Andel Arena 
Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Church Audio cards (ST-11)–>SP battery box–>Marantz PMD620– 
–>Audacity–>Nero Wave Editor–>flac

fades out/in on tracks 12 & 13 for CD use. 

taper willyp523 

01 tuning 
02 You wreck Me 
03 You Don’t Know How it Feels 
04 I Wont Back Down 
05 Even the Losers 
06 Free Falling 
07 Saving Grace 
08 Mary Jane 
09 Sweet William 
10 End of the Line 
11 Band intros 
12 The Waiting 
13 chat 
14 Straight into Darkness 
15 Spike 
16 Face in the Crowd 
17 Learning to Fly 
18 Don’t Come Round Here no More 
19 Refugee 
20 Running Down a Dream 
21 crowd 

22 Mystic Eyes 
23 American Girl


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