2006/07/02 Denver, CO AUD

Tom Petty & The HeartBreakers
Pepsi Arena
Denver, Colorado

Taper: Bluntforcetrauma
Lineage: DPA 4022>Denecke PS2>Hosa MIT (canare 1/4″)>RCA 1/4″>Edirol r-1
(Oade mod 6db)>16/44.1 > mp3
Conversion: PB>Peak>normalize>BBE maximizer>SBE>xact


  1. Intro
  2. Listen To Her Heart
  3. You Don’t Know Ho It Feels
  4. Tom Speaks
  5. I Won’t Back Down
  6. Free Fallin’
  7. Tom Speaks
  8. Saving Grace
  9. Guitar Warmup
  10. Mary Jane’s Last Dance
  11. I’m A Man
  12. Oh Well
  13. Handle With Care
  14. Band Intro
  15. The Waiting (feat. Eddie Vedder)
  16. Its Good To Be The King
  17. Honey Bee
  18. Learning To Fly
  19. Don’t Come Around Here No More
  20. Refugee
  21. Runnin’ Down A Dream
  22. Encore Break
  23. You Wreck Me
  24. Mystic Eyes
  25. American Gir (feat. Eddie Vedder)

Trade Freely


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