2006/07/02 Denver, CO AUD

Tom Petty and The HeartBreakers 
Pepsi Arena 
Denver, Colorado 

Taper: Bluntforcetrauma 
Lineage: DPA 4022>Denecke PS2>Hosa MIT (canare 1/4″)>RCA 1/4″>Edirol r-1 
(Oade mod 6db)>16/44.1 >mp3
Conversion: PB>Peak>normalize>BBE maximizer>SBE>xact 

Disc 1 

  1. Intro 
  2. Listen to her heart 
  3. You dont know ho it feels 
  4. Tom speaks 
  5. I wont back down 
  6. Free Fallin 
  7. Tom speaks 
  8. Saving Grace 
  9. Guitar warmup 
  10. Mary Jane’s last Dance 
  11. yardbirds cover song? 
  12. cover song #2? 
  13. Handle with care 
  14. Band intro 
  15. The waiting (Eddie Vedder on vocals) 
  16. Its good to be the king 
  17. Honey Bee? 

Disc 2 

  1. Learning to fly 
  2. Dont come around here no more 
  3. Refugee 
  4. Runnin’ down a dream 
  5. encore break 
  6. You wreck me 
  7. Mystic eyes 
  8. American Girl (Eddie Vedder on vocals) 

a couple of songs i did not know the title 

Trade Freely 


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