2005/06/21 Wantagh, NY AUD

Tom Petty
Jones Beach
Wantagh, NY
21 June 2005

Unknown Camera > Unknown Mounted Recorder PCM (@ 16-bit/48kHz) > Unknown Transfer > DVD

Conversion (November 20, 2022) DVD > VOB > NCH Software > WAV (16-bit/48kHz) > FLAC


xx. Listen To Her Heart (missing)
xx. You Don’t Know How It Feels (missing)

  1. Breakdown
  2. Free Fallin’
  3. Turn This Car Around
  4. Don’t Do Me Like That
  5. Mary Jane’s Last Dance
  6. Don’t Bring Me Down
  7. Band Intro
  8. Handle With Care
  9. Crawling Back To You
  10. I Won’t Back Down
  11. It’ll All Work Out
  12. Melinda
  13. Learnin’ To Fly
  14. Don’t Come Around Here No More
  15. Refugee
  16. Runnin’ Down A Dream
  17. You Wreck Me (Partial)
  18. American Girl

I received a copy of the VOB files of the DVD version of this recording from my good friend, mikemono! I decided to take the pleasure in making an audio/cd version by converting the vob files he sent me to wav. Believe it or not, the vob files contained pcm audio. I made that discovery when I used the mediainfo app.

Mediainfo let’s you see the information of ANY file you want know information on. I also included screen shots of myself using the mediainfo app to prove that the vob files contained pcm audio.

Anyway, I saw that the vob files that contained the music I needed to make the audio version were 5 big long files. Next I converted them to wav, using nch software’s Switch Audio Converter, and then I batch joined them to together, using nch software’s Wavepad Audio Editor so that they can sound accurate without any clicks or pops. Then I splitted them up again, but as 18 individual tracks.


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