2003/06/26 Sioux Falls, SD AUD

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Sioux Falls Arena
Sioux Falls, SD

Taper: alzeppelin
Location: 30 feet left of the soundboard on the main floor
Source: Coresound High-end Cartoids > Bass Roll-off Box > Sony D100 > Master 48 khz DAT
Transfer: Master DAT 48khz > Sony DTC-A7 > Coax Digital Cable > Echo Mia Soundcard >
Cooledit Pro (resample to 44khz, normalizing, and tracking) > FLAC Level 8


  1. American Girl
  2. You Don’t Know How It Feels
  3. Love Is A Long Road
  4. Free Fallin’
  5. You Got Lucky
  6. I Won’t Back Down
  7. Mary Jane’s Last Dance
  8. The Last DJ
  9. Handle With Care
  10. Woman In Love
  11. The Waiting
  12. Melinda
  13. Learning To Fly
  14. Lost Children
  15. Refugee
  16. Runnin’ Down A Dream
  17. Carol
  18. You Wreck Me


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  1. Happy Holidays! I am getting ready to fill a friend’s flash drive so I was going through the lists again to add some notes regarding guests, venue & file type working my way backwards from 2017. In doing that, I noticed that this show is listed as Chicago on the 2003 page.
    I also found few places where a carriage return seems to be missing smushing song titles on the same line (and in one case “Set 1” is combined with “with Stevie Nicks” which also seems to have disappeared the asterisk or equivalent symbol in the process and one where piano & keyboard should (probably) actually be on the same line but the latter is instead attached to the start of the musician and their instrument on the next line. They are all just formatting issues; so, I didn’t bring them up (but since I am writing anyway, i figured i would ask if you want details on those since I plan make a fourth pass in order to copy all of the infos as txt since I don’t know if it is the same info as in the zip and comments certainly wouldn’t be – better safe than sorry…).
    I did also catch a missing file type at the top of the 2006 list; I believe the download page listed it as FLAC.
    Thank you for providing this service.
    I wouldn’t have grabbed all I did if not for the lightning quick AmazonPhotos which also doesn’t compete with T.U.B.E. & g101 links.
    Just got done compiling 600 hours of Prince for another friend. time for the next project.
    Be safe and Best Wishes for the New Year.


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