2002/12/07 Auburn Hills, MI AUD

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Palace of Auburn Hills
Auburn Hills, Michigan
Dec. 7, 2002

AT943’s->SP battery box->Sharp DR7 MD

Digital transfer to CDr via standalone stereo gear,
Sony MD deck->optical link->Harman Kardon CD burner-
->EAC->Nero WAV editor(fades)->FLAC

Taper, willyp523…on the floor, DFC, 4 rows FOB.


  1. The Last DJ
  2. Love Is A Long Road
  3. Have Love Will Travel
  4. Free Fallin’
  5. When A Kid Goes Bad
  6. Shadow Of Doubt (A Complex Kid)
  7. I Won’t Back Down
  8. You Don’t Know How It Feels
  9. band intro
  10. I Need You
  11. Feel A Whole Lot Better
  12. Can’t Stop The Sun
  13. A Woman In Love
  14. The Waiting
  15. King’s Highway
  16. Learning To Fly
  17. Yer So Bad
  18. Lost Children
  19. Refugee
  20. Mary Jane’s Last Dance
  21. Runnin Down A Dream
  22. You Wreck Me
  23. American Girl


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