2002/10/16 Los Angeles, CA SBD

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
2nd Last DJ concert
Grand Olympic Auditorium
Los Angeles, CA.


  1. Tape start,crowd noise
  2. The Last DJ
  3. Money Becomes King
  4. Dreamville
  5. Joe
  6. When A Kid Goes Bad
  7. Like A Diamond
  8. Lost Children
  9. Blue Sunday
  10. Band introductions -> You And Me
  11. The Man Who Loves Woman
  12. Have Love, Will Travel
  13. Can’t Stop The Sun
  14. Change Of Heart
  15. I Need To Know
  16. Shake, Rattle And Roll
  17. Around And Around
  18. Mary Jane’s Last Dance
  19. You Wreck Me
  20. Crowd noise & Goodbye!
  21. Radio interview & end titles


“Recorded from Direct T.V. pay per view special. Credits state that this was a Broadcast
from Grand Olympic Auditorium October 16, 2002.” – this from db.etree.org

I ran Trader’s Little Helper for sbe and there were none.
I looked at the tracks with TLH for mp3 sources and “tracks look like CDDA with probability 100%”
I looked at the sound levels on the tracks and they are reasonable at around 91%.


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