2000/10/29 Mountain View, CA AUD source #2

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
October 29th, 2000
Shoreline Ampitheatre (Bridge School Benefit)
Mountain View, CA

Schoeps CCM-4 w/ Aerco R-Mod Box > Schoeps kcy active cables > Schoeps vms 021b > Sony SBM-1 > Sony TCD-D7 (DAT)

RubyRipper > FLAC

DAT(M) > CDR(2) > WAV [44.1khz] > FLAC [Level 8]



  1. intro
  2. Baby, Please Don’t Go
  3. A Face In the Crowd
  4. Mary Jane’s Last Dance
  5. Little Red Rooster
  6. Band Introductions
  7. To Find A Friend
  8. I Won’t Back Down
  9. Breakdown


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