1991/02/01 West Hollywood, CA AUD

Roger McGuinn
West Hollywood, CA

1st Gen Cassette -> CDR

  1. My Back Pages
  2. Someone To Love
  3. Car Phone
  4. You Bowed Down
  5. The Trees Are All Gone
  6. Without Your Love
  7. The Time Has Come
  8. Love That Never Dies
  9. Mr. Tambourine Man *
  10. Turn! Turn! Turn! *
  11. King Of The Hill *
  12. Eight Miles High *
  13. So You Want To Be A Rock ‘N’ Roll Star *
  14. Chimes Of Freedom *

Roger McGuinn – guitar, vocals
Stan Lynch – drums
John Jorgenson – guitar
George Hawkins – bass

*Tom Petty – special guest

Private show to celebrate the release of King Of The Hill.


Of course the big event this summer that I couldn’t stop talking about to anyone who would or wouldn’t listen was the Sweetheart Of The Rodeo 50th Anniversary which led my friend to say “Hey I saw this show …” which he actually heard about 2nd hand that was going to be a secret Tom Petty show via a friend of his brother who worked for Tom Petty only to find out at the event it was Roger McGuinn with the guest appearance by Tom Petty.

He recorded it but long since lost the tape but was able to track it down thru a friend.

Average audience quality but still a great listen if you are a fan.

I remember even though I was listening to mostly metal at the time this got somewhat of a decent push in the area on KLOS & KLSX and I was immediately hooked on the title track and remember the Whisky A Go Go FM broadcast from a few months later and some other shows I was unable to make.

Unfortunately not long after I pretty much forgot he ever existed until around 2000 when I was doing industrial sized CDR trades and getting lots of Byrds shows to listen to.

And I know I have asked before but someone out there has to have a show from the very brief run The Byrds did in 1990. I remember those shows but none of them took place anywhere near what counted as civilization if you are a 16 year old with no money, no car and no friends who would admit to liking stuff like that.


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