1989/08/26 Syracuse, NY AUD

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
New York State Fairgrounds, Syracuse, NY (USA)
August 26, 1989

Unknown Audience Source
transfer: smores
Cassette of unknown generation > Tascam 202MKV > Edirol R09 (16/44) > Adobe Audition (level boost/hiss removal) > CDWAVE (track) > FLAC8


  1. American Girl
  2. I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better
  3. Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin’)
  4. The Waiting
  5. Breakdown
  6. I Won’t Back Down
  7. Ben’s Boogie
  8. Don’t Come Around Here No More
  9. Even The Losers
  10. Listen To Her Heart
  11. A Face In The Crowd
  12. Yer So Bad
  13. You Got Lucky
  14. Rebels
  15. Should I Stay Or Should I Go
  16. I Need To Know
  17. Refugee
  18. Runnin’ Down A Dream (cut into)
  19. Free Fallin’ (w/Axl Rose)
  20. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (w/Axl Rose)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who have helped me over the past couple years to convert and post my collection…and we’re not even close to being done! I have met and worked with several people on this project and want to make sure they know how much I appreciate their work on my behalf. I know that some shows are better quality than others, but hopefully you have found something to add to your collection. Also, HUGE thanks to those who have contacted me publicly and/or privately to help me find shows I am after. There are some great things on the horizon in this new year as I have been talking to some of my taper friends from way back who are willing to lend tapes and let us work on them!


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