1989/07/25 San Diego, CA AUD

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
SDSU Open Air Theatre
San Diego, CA
July 25, 1989

Source : Cassette Walkman w/built in mics > Cassette Master (Maxell XL-IIS) (courtesy of Wes Meyette archive)

Transfer : Sony TC-WE 475 > Tascam DR-40 Linear PCM Recorder 16/44.1 kHz)

Editing : Soundforge (volume adjustment) > Wave > Traders Little Helper (SBE aligned) Flac level 8

Traders Den – June 2, 2019

Transferred & posted by kingrue upload 1957

Today we have a brand new Tom Petty cassette master, flac’d and shared for the first time.

The sound quality is a bit rough.

Thanks again goes to Wes Meyette for recording the show.

Set list:

  1. Intro
  2. Feel A Whole Lot Better
  3. Don’t Do Me Like That
  4. American Girl
  5. Free Fallin
  6. The Waiting
  7. Breakdown
  8. banter
  9. I Won’t Back Down
    — tape flip —
  10. I Got A Boogie Woogie Brain (Ben’s Boogie)
  11. Don’t Come Around Here
  12. Even The Losers
  13. Milk Cow Blues
  14. Face In The Crowd
  15. The Ballad of Easy Rider
  16. Yer So Bad
    — tape change —
  17. You Got Lucky
  18. Should I Stay or Should I Go
  19. Keep Your Hands to Yourself
  20. Little Queenie
  21. Rebels
  22. Refugee
  23. Runnin’ Down A Dream
  24. Here Comes My Girl
  25. Jammin’ Me

Total Time = 01:52:11


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