1987/07/14 Manchester, N.H. AUD

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers 
Riverfront Park 
Manchester, New Hampshire 
July 14, 1987 

Source: Master Tape (AIWA HDJ320 w/built in microphone) –> RealTek HD Sound Manager –> TEAC Tape Deck W600R –> Audacity –> FLAC Front End 8 –> Upload –> mp3

Description: This is my master tape from the Rock N’Roll Caravan Tour, which hit Manchester, NH in the Summer of 1987. Unfortunately it is not complete, sad to say it was at some point but “part 2” has been lost. Still eighty-five minutes of the show have been preserved and perhaps this is the only version out there. This was a strange tour, with the Del Fuegos and Georgia Satellites opening. Riverfront Park was nothing more than a parking lot in front of some old mill buildings in downtown Manchester. The sound was reputedly awful and many bands who were part of this “Summer in the Park” concert series would complain about the sound. The tape sounds pretty good, not a lot of bass but overall very listenable and will be enjoyable for any Petty fan. I’m one of those people who liked the Let Me Up I’ve Had Enough album. 


  1. Intro 
  2. Breakdown 
  3. Think About Me 
  4. American Girl 
  5. My Life/Your World 
  6. Here Comes My Girl 
  7. Listen To Her Heart 
  8. For What It’s Worth 
  9. The Waiting (tape flip sm. cut) 
  10. Don’t Come Around Here No More 
  11. It’ll All Work Out 
  12. Runaway Trains 
  13. Shout 
  14. Should I Stay (Or Should I Go) 

Missing but definitely played: Jammin’ Me, Refugee 

From the Blackout archives. Enjoy!!


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