1986/07/24 Bonner Springs, KS SBD

Bob Dylan
With Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
7/24/86 Bonner Springs, KS
A- 69min

incomplete – last portion, sbd,
excellent sound;

(a sort of close eac match was bittorrented 2/06 described as “Source/Lineage: sbd
(circulates incomplete)>?>CD-R>flac”)

(a bittorrent from 12/13 is a close eac match on d1t1 with same digital flaws; described
as “Soundboard Recording 60 mins” with filenames like “bd86-07-24tr01.flac”; xref-01325)
t12 has some repeating spots of squarish wavs sometimes heard as light static like at t12

1 Tonight Might Be Ny Night,
2 Refugee,
3 Rainy Day Women Nos. 12 & 35,
4 Seeing The Real You At Last,
5 Across The Borderline (Cooder/Hiatt/Dickinson),
6 I And I,
7 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat,
8 Like A Rolling Stone,
9 In The Garden,
10 Blowin’ In The Wind,
11 Shake A Hand (Joe Morris),
12 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

LB 276


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