1985/07/06 San Antonio, TX AUD

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

Hemisfair Arena
Convention Center
San Antonio, Texas
July 6, 1985

A longtime collector shared his Petty collection with me, and this is one of his shows. All I have done is split it into tracks and export to 16/44.1 .flac

I don’t have its lineage but it is an audience recording.

.wav > Audacity (to split tracks) > flac > you

A big thanks to Mauro for sharing his collection.

01 American Girl
02 Listen To Her Heart
03 Dog On The Run
04 You Got Lucky
05 It Ain’t Nothin’ To Me
06 Don’t Do Me Like That
07 The Waiting
08 I Need To Know
09 The Best Of Everything
10 A Change Of Heart
11 Don’t Come Around Here No More
12 Spike
13 Southern Accents
14 Rebels
15 Breakdown
16 Refugee
17 Little Bit A’ Soul (cut)





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  1. Hi-
    I had trouble leaving this Comment earlier (apparently due to JavaScript isues – I should have known).
    So you may want to block my pending identical Comment on one of the 1985 LA pages. (Pending so I can’t be more specific – sorry.)

    This Download link on this page takes you to a folder label Source #2 but doesn’t mention Source #2 in the title.
    The link on the page that does mention Source #2 in the title takes you to a folder labeled Source #3. The links from the 1983 main page DO correspond to the titles on the pages. The disconnect only occurs when going from the pages to the Amazon folders. Just to be clear there is no Amazon folder for Source #1 (which would not be part of the folder name based on other multi-Source shows posted on this site where Source # is only included for #2 and higher)..

    Thanks again for all of the material. Too bad the two full shows I was at are not here. But at least Live Aid I
    attended when I was 17 is.


    1. When the site launched, it had many identical sources, and I have slowly removed the duplicate sources while changing all labels on this site. Amazon Drive is the last part of the process, as it has to be checked, edited, and verified one by one. This will be fixed soon!


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