1985/07/02 Norman, OK AUD

Tom PettyLloyd Noble CenterNorman, OklahomaJuly 2, 1985
Recording: 2 x Sony ECM 33F Mics > Marantz PMD 430 (DBX On) > Maxel XLII
Transfer: Lineage: Master Audience Cassette > Nakamichi CR5A (azimuth adjusted) (DBX Off) > MacBook Pro > Audacity > Peak Pro XT (volume smoothing/indexing/subtle tweak > xACT > FLAC > MP3
My master recording from Tom Petty’s Oklahoma stop on the ‘Southern Accents’ tour.
The PA left a bit to be desired and they never seemed to get the sound correct.  Fist indication of problems was the right side of the PA was out for the fist 2 minutes or so at the start of the show.  Of course that was the side I was taping on and the first 2 minutes sound like he is playing from another room. It comes around and PA wise things straighten out but still not the best mixed show I’ve ever been to.

101 American Girl (Right side of stage PA is out for first 2:17)

102 Listen To Her Heart

103 Dogs On The Run

104 You Got Lucky

105 It Ain’t Nothin’ To Me

106 Don’t Do Me Like That

107 The Waiting

108 I Need To Know

109 The Best Of Everything

110 Change Of Heart

201 Don’t Come Around Here No More

202 Spike

203 Southern Accents

204 Rebels

205 Breakdown

206 Refugee

207 Make It Better (Forget About Me)

208 Little Bit O’ Soul



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