1983/09/13 New York City, NY AUD

Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty
Radio City Music Hall
New York, NY

September 13, 1983

The Ken G. Collection (Vol 128)

unknown gear -> unknown generation tape. (stereo audience recording)

Transfer Lineage:
Maxell XLII > Sony Deck TC-WE 475 > JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW (standalone) > Soundforge 9.0 > Wav > TLH (sector boundary aligned) Flac Level 8 > Dime 7/12/14

Transferred, Balanced and Tracked by George (Upload 248)


Joe Walsh was the opening act on this tour, as well as Stevie’s Love interest at the time.

Tom Petty wasn’t on tour at this time in 1983, but he is present for this concert and joins on 2 songs.

This was a nice surprise when i went looking through Ken’s the box of tapes.

It turned out to be a very peculiar tape to work on. Strange things going on with the recording with transitions during a couple songs.

Recording Notes:

There is a tape stop/start after track 08. No music missing. (this was probably where the original tape flip was on the master tape)

The tape flip on my copy was during track 10 “Beauty & the Beast”. Then Side B started the song over again. I seamlessly pieced the tape flip back together.

Also during Track 10, the sound becomes a little muffled, as though the person recording, might have moved the mic or changed postion.

The muffled area is during this time frame at 2:45 – 6:35. The levels had dropped considerably. I carefully boosted and balanced that area.

During the middle of Track 11 “Gypsy”, there is a very unexpected insertion of a Stevie Nicks Radio Interview, it lasts for 63 seconds.

The strange thing about it is that it’s actually cross faded into the audience recording. For a brief second you can hear the 2 sources inter-mixed.

My guess is that the audience recording was cut and missing the music and somebody decided to add in this brief interview as filler.

It’s kind of cool, but kind of an odd thing to do. You just don’t expect it to be there during the middle of an audience tape.

I added a sample of the beginning and end the interview, so you can hear how it fits in.

During Track 14 “Stop Draggin”, there appears to be a very quick cut @ 1:01 mark. The guitar and vocals seem to jump ahead out of time.

I included a sample. I’m curious to know if there’s an actual cut, or was that just the band being off time. It sounds like a brief cut.

Between Tracks 14 and 15 there was a tape stop / start. No music missing.

During Track 15, i think i hear another quick tape cut, but i’m not sure. For a brief second, it sounds like the music jumps ahead.

I’ve added a sample, see if you can spot what I’m hearing.

Stevie then says her goodbyes and wishes everyone a safe trip home and then the tape stops.

Then the tape follows with 83 seconds of blank tape hiss, followed by 112 seconds of track 15 being repeated again.

I removed all that extra nonsense.

Strangely, the tape is missing the encore of “Rhiannon”.

With all that being said, is this a different source?

Does anyone have a different version of this recording?

Sound quality is average, but still enjoyable. Good Performance.

13 I Will Run To You (with Tom Petty)
14 Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (with Tom Petty)



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