1983/02/17 Bethlehem, PA AUD

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
Tom Petty. Vocals, Guitar
Mike Campbell. Lead Guitar
Benmont Tench. Keyboards
Howie Epstein. Bass
Stan Lynch. Drums 
Phil Jones. Percussion

Stabler Arena
Lehigh University
Bethlehem, Pa. Usa
February 17, 1983
Promoting Their Album “Long After Dark”
Master Audience Tape
Runtime. 96.08 (Minutes/ Seconds)


  1. A One Story Town 5.30
  2. Listen To Her Heart 3.13
  3. A Thing About You 5.50
  4. You Got Lucky 4.38
  5. I Need To Know 2.33
  6. Don’t Do Me Like That 2.58
  7. Here Comes My Girl 6.15
  8. Change Of Heart 4.02
  9. The Waiting 5.16 (End Spliced, Tape Flip)
  10. Hang On Sloopy 4.46 (Cuts In Slightly)
  11. Straight Into Darkness 7.00
  12. A Woman In Love 6.02
  13. King’s Road 6.58
  14. Breakdown 8.35
  15. Refugee 6.03 (End Applause Spliced, Tape Change)
  16. Shout 11.31
  17. American Girl 4.56

Recorded By Luvsufo A/K/A Bob T
Digitized By Glasnostrd19 June 2016

Sony Wmd-6 Cassette Recorder And Sony 939Lt Stereo Mike, Dolby Off >
2 Maxell Xli-S 90 Min. Cassettes (Normal Bias) >
Played On Tascam 112 Into Soundforge (Wav) > 
Flac (Sb’s Aligned) > MP3 >Torrentially Yours.
A This And That Production.
Do Not Sell This Recording.

A Very Nice Clean Sounding Recording And Performance From
The 5Th Tph Album Tour, Including 4 Songs From The New Album.
Just A Second Or Two Is Missing From The Tape Flip 
Beginning Hang On Sloopy But That’s Hardly Even Noticeable.
The Rest Of This Fine Show Is Complete.
Not A Lot Of Crowd Noise Or Mike Obstruction In The Recording
Makes For A Very Enjoyable Listen.


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