1982/xx/xx French TV “Houba Houba”

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

French TV show “Houba Houba”

A longtime collector shared his Petty collection with me, and this is one of his shows. All I have done is split it into tracks and export to 16/44.1 .flac

I don’t have its lineage but it is a studio recording. It was labeled as being from Record Plant Studios in August 1982, but I believe that it was mislabeled. I’m quite confident that this is from the French TV show “Houba Houba” sometime in 1982. I also included the videos of “Keepin’ Me Alive”, “Wild Thing” and “Finding Out” from the French TV show. They are not high quality, I just ripped them off YouTube. 4 Other songs from 1982 were also on this tape, so they are on here as well as a bonus. Enjoy

.wav > Audacity (to split tracks) > flac > you

A big thanks to Mauro for sharing his collection.


01 Keepin’ Me Alive
02 Interview
03 Keepin’ Me Alive
04 Interview
05 Finding Out
06 Interview
07 Wild Thing


Bonus 01 – Jaguar and Thunderbird
Bonus 02 – American Girl
Bonus 03 – Fooled Again
Bonus 04 – Breakdown




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