1980/04/27 Kinro Kaikan-Nahoya, Japan AUD

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers 
Kinro Kaikan-Nahoya, Japan 
April 17, 1980 

Recording: Sony D5 
Lineage: Audience Master > 2nd Generation > Sony TC-WE435 > MacBook Pro > Peak Pro XT (Indexed) > xACT 1.5 > Flac > MP3

01 Shadow Of A Doubt 
02 Anything That’s Rock & Roll 
03 Fooled Again 
04 Here Comes My Girl 
05 Even The Losers 
06 The Wild One (Forever) 
07 I Need To Know 
08 Don’t Do Me Like That 
09 Cry To Me 
10 Refugee 
11 Listen To Her Heart 
12 American Girl 
13 Breakdown 
14 Too Much Ain’t Enough 
15 Shout 
16 Strangered In The Night 
17 Something Else 
18 I Fought The Law 

It seems like many artists really shine once they make it to Japan for their first tours, Neil Young, Clapton, Cheap Trick, Costello all played stellar shows on their first trips. 
Tom Petty was no exception and this show is a standout, great performance, great crowd and great quality. 
First track is just a bit lesser quality due to a lower recording level and boosting it slightly, still great but the show really kicks in on track 2. 



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