1980/03/24 Oxford, UK FM

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
(Rock Goes to College)
Oxford Polytechnic, Oxford, England.
March 24th 1980.
Great sounding and as good as it gets.

Part of TP’s tour to the UK promoting the “Damn The Torpedoes” album.

Rock Goes To College was a BBC series that ran between 1978 and 1981 on British television. A variety of up-coming rock oriented bands were showcased live from small venues and broadcast simultaneously on television and radio during a 40-50 minute live performance.

Concert Venues:
The venues were small University, Polytechnic or College halls holding a few thousand persons which gave a more intimate atmosphere than larger venues and often tickets were given to the Students’ Union to distribute for free (to ensure that the concert halls were full) – effectively an invited audience. The bands chosen were also bands which did not have a mainstream following at that time although many went on to be very successful.

A BBC DJ would also be present to introduce the band for the television audience.

The original broadcasts were transmitted on television as well as Sight and Sound in Concert; a BBC initiative to provide simultaneous pictures on BBC2 and stereo radio broadcasts on BBC Radio 1 (as stereo television broadcasts and receivers did not exist at the time). It allowed rock enthusiasts to enjoy the event with an improved sound quality.

BBC Radio 2 FM broadcast > Phillips CD Recorder > WAV > EAC > WAV> FLAC

Band lineup (Uncertain) apart from TP, Can only assume the same personnel from the “Damn The Torpedoes” album

Tom Petty – Guitars Lead Vocals
Mike Campbell – Guitars
Benmont Tench – Organ, Piano, Vocals
Ron Blair – Bass (Electric)
Stan Lynch – Drums, Vocals

Track list:

  1. Shadow of a doubt 3:41 (Kicks off up and running – as per broadcast)
  2. Anything That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll 3:45
  3. Even The Losers 4:24
  4. Here Comes My Girl 5:08
  5. I Need To Know 3:01
  6. Luna 4:47
  7. Stories We Could Tell 4:14
  8. Refugee 4:28
  9. Breakdown 6:40
  10. American Girl 4:51

You will have to accept my track splitting was dodgy. (Splitting before the end of a track)

Enjoy this and do as you please within TTD rules.

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