1980/03/06-07 London, England FM

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Hammersmith Odeon
March 6 & 7 1980

Since the last Tom Petty show was such a hit, I decided to go back into the Basement and pull out another Petty gem. This one is a King Biscuit Flower Hour recording from 1980. This one features some different Petty tunes that are not heard very often. “Cry To Me”, “Stories We Could Tell” and “Somthin’ Else” are all included in this set. Not exactly Petty staples. Once again I have left the KBFH intros intact along with the pre commercial comments. The actual commercials have been cut out. I am sure there are bootlegs of this around, but as always I am
hoping that my tape is an upgraded over what is out there. Enjoy the show. Brought to you by the Nevinsrip Basement Tapes.



  1. Intro
  2. Anything That’s Rock & Roll
  3. Even The Losers
  4. I Need To Know
  5. Don’t Do Me Like That
  6. Cry To Me
  7. Stories We Could Tell
  8. Refugee
  9. American Girl
  10. Breakdown
  11. To Much Ain’t Enough
  12. Shout
  13. Somethin’ Else

Band Members:

Tom Petty – rhythm guitar, lead vocals, harmonica
Mike Campbell – lead guitar
Benmont Tench – piano, organ, synthesizer, backing vocals
Ron Blair – bass guitar
Stan Lynch – drums, backing vocals


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