1980/01/21 Los Angeles, CA AUD

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Whiskey, LA
January 21, 1980

As promised, here is another of my Petty shows. This has a great setlist and, as far as I can tell, never been seen anywhere before. This is the master tape that I got from the person who claimed to have taped it. I can’t confirm that, but I see no reason why she would lie. Anyway, the sound on 3/4’s of this is really, really good and then on the encores it drops off a bit. Judge for yourself.
If you missed my first Petty upload from the Palladium, it’s still running on the tracker.

This show has Petty and the band pulling out all the stops. It would be the last time that they play a small club, with Refugee taking off and the band moving on to bigger venues. 24 songs on this setlist with more than a few gems making a return to the Heartbreakers repertoire.

Please leave a comment about the sound, if you can. These old shows play a lot better on a stereo, rather than a computer.
Thanks again to Scott S. for the transfer and to Hitwitstuff for the inspiration. I’ll keep going as long as people enjoy these.
I may be off on song titles, if you know better then correct me. Anyone who wants to remaster or otherwise improve this recording is absolutely free to do so, as long as you share it here. And, if you’re good with artwork…share it.

LINEAGE: Panasonic recorder> Original Master Tape> CD> EAC> WAV> FLAC

  1. A Complex Kid
  2. Anything That’s Rock And Roll
  3. Fooled Again
  4. Here Comes My Girl
  5. When The Time Comes
  6. Wild One, Forever
  7. I Need To Know
  8. Don’t Do Me Like That
  9. Cry To Me
  10. Refugee
  11. Strangered In The Night
  12. Too Much Ain’t Enough
  13. Luna
  14. Even The Losers
  15. Don’t Bring Me Down
  16. Listen To Her Heart
  17. American Girl
  18. Breakdown
  19. Century City
  20. Shout
  21. Somethin’ Else
  22. I Fought The Law
  23. Anyway You Want It
  24. Route 66


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