1979/09/23 New York, NY FM

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Madison Square Garden
New York

Likely FM recording.

  1. I Need To Know
  2. Anything That’s Rock ‘N’ Roll
  3. Refugee
  4. American Girl
  5. Cry To Me
  6. Strangered In The Night
  7. Breakdown
  8. Too Much Ain’ t Enough
  9. Shout





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  1. Hi-
    The link on page https://livepetty.com/audio/tpath/1970s/1979-shows/1979-09-22-new-york-ny-aud/ for source one takes one to an Amazon page that says “This folder is empty”.
    And says “Sorry, this comment could not be posted.” when one tries to post a Comment on that page and on the second page for the same show (which ic not labelled Source #2 in the text but does in the URL) on page https://livepetty.com/audio/tpath/1970s/1979-shows/1979-09-22-new-york-ny-aud-source-2/ which does allow for a download.
    Thanks for all the other material I’ve scooped up so far.


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