1977/02/23 Chicago, IL AUD

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 1977-02-23 Ivanhoe Theatre, Chicago, IL (AUD) 

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 
Ivanhoe Theatre 
Chicago, IL 

  1. Surrender 
  2. Jaguar and the Thunderbird 
  3. American Girl 
  4. Fooled Again 
  5. Luna 
  6. I Need to Know 
  7. Anything That’s Rock’n’Roll 
  8. Dog on the Run 

Total time: 37:25 

Tom Petty: guitar & vocals 
Mike Campbell: guitar 
Ron Blair: bass 
Stan Lynch: drums & vocals 
Benmont Tench: keyboards & vocals 

Audience recording received in trade in 1977. 
Cassette (azimuth adjusted)>CD-R>EAC>Audacity (amplify)>CD Wave>FLAC>MP3

Nice set from what I guess was their first national tour. I love how Tom says, “Here’s one from our album.” As in album, singular. Pretty good sound. Check the samples below. 

Uploaded to dime by punchomatic, June 2009.



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