2022/10/17 Denver, CO AUD

Mike Campbell & The Dirty Knobs
Ball Arena
Denver, CO

Source: US CSB’s > Battery Box > Edirol R-07 @ 24/44.1 > USB > WAV by Royboy
Master: Wavelab 11 (tracking, fades, EQ, remove digi-snit) > FLAC 24/44 > you

Thanks to Royboy for the recording.

  1. Intro
  2. Wicked Mind
  3. Fault Lines
  4. Wreckless Abandon
  5. I Still Love You
  6. band intros
  7. Even The Losers
  8. Refugee
  9. Runnin’ Down A Dream

Mike “Gator” Campbell – guitar
Christopher “Sidewinder” Holt – guitar
Matt “Swampbox” Laug – drums
Lance “Crawdaddy” Morrison – bass

Opened for The Who.

This recording sounds great considering that there were 20,000 Who fans lurking about. A little EQ helped bring up the high end.


–mhg :: 2022-10-18


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