2019/03/20 New York City, NY AUD

Rockwood Music Hall 2
New York, NY
March 20, 2019

AT853 cardioid mics > Church Audio ugly battery box > Sony PCM-M10 (line in) > WAV (24/48)
Mixing and mastering: Sound Studio (EQ and light dynamic compression for loud peaks) > FLAC (16/44.1) > Tag > FLAC

Recorded and mastered by neil d

01 intro
02 The Groom’s Still Waiting at the Altar [Bob Dylan]
03 Love Will Tear Us Apart [Joy Division]
04 Welcome To Hell [Mudcrutch]
05 If She Knew
06 I Want to Know Why Love Is Not Enough
07 Dallas You’re a Damn Good Town to Leave
08 Back in the U.S.A. [Chuck Berry]
09 Wobbles
10 I Will Not Follow You Down
11 intro of Regina Spektor
12 Somewhere Over the Rainbow [Judy Garland]*
13 It Really Was No Miracle (partial recitation)
14 You Should Be So Lucky
15 The Melancholy Season
16 This Is a Good Street [Mudcrutch]
17 China Doll [Grateful Dead]
18 Pledge
19 American Girl [Tom Petty]
20 I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine [Bob Dylan]

*Regina Spektor guest vocals on Track 12

Benmont Tench is a simply phenomenal keyboard player and an engaging raconteur, and it was a privilege to see him perform a solo set on piano (billed as “An Intimate Evening With Benmont Tench) in Rockwood Music Hall’s tiny Stage 2. Included are a couple of Mudcrutch songs, several from his 2014 debut album “You Should Be So Lucky” and his upcoming as-yet-unnamed followup, many covers (including “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” performed by guest vocalist Regina Spektor), and a single song by his old band Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers — Benmont made clear he wanted this last to be a moment of “benediction” for those present, asking audience members to put down their cameras, but I’m hopeful that sharing this with “audience members” who can only experience it through this recording is in the spirit of the event.

Needless to say, do not sell this by any means, pick up “You Should Be So Lucky” and any of Benmont’s other recordings, and if he ever plays a show near you, drop everything and go. This was a special night.


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